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I died long ago

12 September
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I was born. I lived. I died.
80's, akira, anatomy, anime, arch enemy, art, assassins, at the gates, being alone, billy madison, black dahlia murder, black metal, books, cheese, circle jerks, cky, comedians, comedy, comedy movies, comics, computers, concerts, counter strike, creativity, dane cook, danzig, depeche mode, diablo2, digital art, dogma, drawing, dred locks, earings, editing pictures, elizabeth bathory, emperor, europe, eye liner, fiends, fight club, futurama, gibson guitars, glenn danzig, green eyes, guitars, halloween, halo, hanging with friends, happiness theory, hello kitty, henna tatoos, honesty, horror, horror movies, humor, incubus, insanity, intelligence, ireland, italy, jack black, jackass, japanese street fashion, jerry only, jogging, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, kissing, laughing, les pauls, long hair, lord of the rings, making people laugh, mall rats, manga, marilyn monroe, medieval weapons, messy hair, metal, misfits, moodrings, movies, mullets, music, my cousins, nehemiah, night, nintendo, opeth, orange juice, painting, parks, philosophy, photography, photoshop, piercings, pirates, playing guitar, punk rock, rain, ramen, ramones, red faction, religion, russia, samael, sarcasm, scottland, south park, star craft, star wars, strong bad, super mario, super nintendo, sushi, suspense movies, tattoos, the birthday massacre, the casualties, the cheat, the clash, the crown, the cure, the distillers, the doors, the exploited, the krum bums, the real world, the sex pistols, the triforce, the unseen, the yetis, thinking, tight pants, tool, travelling, tuesdays, vampires, video games, war, will ferrel, wolrd of warcraft, world war 2 books, zelda